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Shirley is currently working as a Master Trainer for Affinity Real Estate and Training Services. She is recognized as the finest trainer in California for providing the best NMLS pre licensing education to aspiring candidates. Shirley@affinityreservices.com to connect!

Shirley is experienced with the programs and concepts of the NMLS and knows what is required forbecoming a successful Mortgage Loan Originator. Shirley is fuelled by her passion for understanding the concepts and nuances of the NMLS and The SAFE Program. Shirley is eager to build upon her relationships and her experience and expertise to help students conquer the SAFE Exam by NMLS online course designed by Affinity.

Shirley’s thorough knowledge of the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry, and her determination to carry out the Legacy of her daughter, who founded the Affinity Online Tutoring Services – The Best Online NMLS Course program, make her the perfect person to guide and proffer NMLS training online to train potential students who wish to have a career in the Mortgage Industry. She possesses the determination to turn information into action to achieve her goals.

Shirley has been able to identify the factors that have contributed to her most recent success at Affinity, a prestigious secondary education institution. Through her diligence and dedication, she has been instrumental in helping hundreds of students achieve their academic and career goals. The development of her students is paramount for her, so she has invested in the nexus between Affinity Real Estate, and Mortgage Training Services, and the Affinity Online Tutoring program in order to create a comprehensive learning environment. This connection is evident in the way education is
tailored to each students individual needs. With the help of her tutoring program, she provides students with the necessary resources and guidance to help them understand the importance of the NMLS Pre Licensing Course. Shirley isn’t just providing NMLS Online Course training to her students inside the Affinity rather she is equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to ace the NMLS exam.

Shirley is committed to helping students achieve their goals by providing the knowledge they need to succeed. She firmly believes that knowledge is the key to success, and is prepared to deliver that knowledge to the students who enrol in the Affinity’s NMLS online course. Shirley is always mindful of what is required to help her students reach their full potential, and she is dedicated to helping them acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. She is forever mindful of what is required.

Where much is given, much is expected. - a tenet- by which she lives. Shirley will provide the utmost in consulting and tutoring services to her clients, as she will work diligently to prepare her students for the lives, they are planning to create for themselves and their families.

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Ioannis Yanni Stefanidis was born and raised in Queens, NY, and lived a majority of his life there until relocating to sunny Long Beach, CA in 2018. He grew up playing soccer competitively with hopes to play at a top college level, but after injuries, that hope quickly faded. After his efforts playing soccer, Yanni attended Hunter College where he received a bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Mathematics. Prior to leaving, I worked as an athletic trainer in a Physical Therapy office where I could use my passion for helping people recover from injury could be applied.
His parents were school teachers so education was at the top of the discussion almost every day in his household. Naturally, Yanni developed a desire to learn about many topics in school. He attended one of the top 25 high schools in the country. His father emigrated from Athens, Greece, and his mother from Puerto Rico. He has a younger brother named Alex, who also lives in southern CA with his wife. Yanni is a big believer in family, so despite living across the country from each other he sets time aside to communicate with his parents as often as possible.
Moving across the country during his late 20s allowed Yanni to truly figure out his direction in life and what he wanted to do with it. He has always had a true passion for Real estate and homeownership, so he decided to pursue a career that would engulf the two. He browsed the internet to find the best NMLS test prep course provider through online medium. He done is research well and persuaded the required NMLS pre licensing education. After completing his education, he ultimately landed a role in a loan officer training program with the intention to start a career helping people achieve their financial goals. This turned out to be one of the best decisions and a major turning point in his life.
Nearly five years later with much more experience, Yanni can look back and say that entering this field was in fact the best decision. It allowed him to pursue his true passion and to continue to help people. During his career, Yanni went from becoming a brand-new loan officer to a sales manager to
the Director of Sales Management Training at American Financial Network. He has expanded his knowledge in this very complex industry and never lost sight of what truly inspires him. He also explained the significance of NMLS pre licensing course.
Yanni loves the daily opportunity to work with and inspire new loan officers while teaching them how to help homeowners.


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All state-licensed MLOs must complete NMLS pre licensing education (PE) before they may work in the mortgage sector. This regulatory education was implemented as a result of the Safe and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008. (SAFE Act).
Our NMLS exam prep courses are carefully crafted to help you ace the NMLS! Our expert instructor will equip you with the skills and test-taking strategies needed to pass the exam, as well as teach you how to manage your time during the test. You'll learn about the exam structure, tested concepts, and the scoring methodology. We'll also provide you with helpful tips and tricks to use on the day of the test. Our online instructor-led course makes the procedure simple while preparing you for your future job. We recommend you to complete the NMLS pre licensing course before taking the final NMLS SAFE Exam in order to get the most out of this class. You can explore your next professional move from anywhere, at any time.
Affinity has a Facebook Study Group with over 2000 students that work as Ambassadors to help new students study for the exam.

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